Friday, December 3, 2010

Day of the Dead Fella

This is a new ornament I bought this summer when we were visiting family in San Diego. It was at a little shop in Old Town. I always forget about Old Town when I think of San Diego, but it's a really cool place. San Diego Avenue, which runs down the middle of Old Town was built over a huge cemetery, part of which still exists. I find that creepy, driving over a road that's paved over where people are buried. Ewww. It also has one of the most haunted buildings in the country: The Whaley House. Regis Philbin used to be a local news-magazine type person in SD and one time he tried to stay over night in the Whaley House. He couldn't do it! Got scared and had to leave...too funny! There are some of the best Mexican Restaurants in town there plus tons of shopping. This little guy looks like he's celebrated Dia de los Muertos pretty hard...Corona still stuck to his clothes. I just couldn't resist him! I found him in an old fashioned Tin Shop.

There's no yarn shop, but there's a Tequila Museum in Old Town. I know some knitters who would love that!

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