Monday, December 20, 2010

Count down begins....

With Christmas approaching fast, less than a week now, I'm constantly running through the "lists" in my head. I'm in good shape, getting-ready-wise, but the lists are always there "Don't forget this!" "Don't forget that!". And here I am up at my usual time (butt-crack of dawn), the kids still asleep...I just can't sleep in.

Today I HAVE to mail my last package after work. I bought a Gingerbread House kit for the kids, so that needs to be put together (by them, not me...haha) probably today or tomorrow. Gotta hit the grocery store for some serious shopping, in preparation for Wednesday. Wednesday is Christmas Baking Day! Thursday is up in the air...then it's Christmas Eve! I only work Monday and Tuesday this week, so I'm very thankful for that! I'm picking up coffee for me and Diane this morning, too. We'll need it's cold outside!

There was frost on everything this morning! Veronica calls it "Florida snow". Mike even had ice on his windshield. Burr! It's wool for me today...socks, scarf, mitts, sweater, etc.

Here's some very cool news on the Band Front: The band has been invited to Tallahassee for the Governor's Inauguration Parade on January 4th! Awesome! I guess word of their Championship status got all the way to Tallahassee. Gov-to-be Rick Scott is one lucky devil to have them!

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