Sunday, December 12, 2010

Festival of Lights 5K

Last night Mike and I ran the Festival of Lights 5K with Jen & Archie. It was so cold...still we started running, then it was rather nice. Talk about crowded...over 3, 000 runners. It took almost a mile before it thinned out enough to run comfortably. My left knee is giving me some pain, so between that and the crowd, my time wasn't so great. I went into the race knowing it would be bad, but that's ok with me. The route was so nice...a little dark at times but the entire route was lined with luminaries. Very cool! I really enjoyed the run. At the finish there was this crushing sea of people...that was a little uncomfortable, but luckily Mike found me quickly. Afterwards, we all went out for dinner!

I think next year I'll do this again, but get more into the spirit of the run and dress up. Some people had on pajamas, red/white stripped socks, Santa hats, etc. There were runners with Christmas lights attached to themselves! It was a big family run, so TONS of strollers and dogs...and kids! I saw so many kids running (with little whining) and having a blast. One stroller was decked out with Christmas cute!

Mike's time: 32:53
My time: 42:32

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