Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gingerbread Lane

I have one of those artsy-fartsy kids, one who from the start could paint, read, color, draw and write. Now she's also into photography and decorating. She's been writing stories in journals for years and will spend hours drawing...alone in her room, perfectly happy. It's Justine. She's also my drama queen...go figure.
This little house is from a kit we got at Michaels. It's one of three that she built.
I love the photo, it looks like it's taken at night with stars twinkling in the back ground. (That's our big Christmas tree making the "star" effect.)
Our knit group decorated the tree in GCS for Christmas on Walnut Street, which starts on Saturday. It was dark and very cold. My fingers were numb! A bit of a challenge too, because we had to do it by flashlight! We did the job though, zip tied all the garlands and ornaments to the tree, in an effort to stop any thieves. After, we drove to FI for some knitting and coffee at Starbucks (the one in GCS was closed...still can't believe that!). Fun!

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