Sunday, February 1, 2009

Knitting Update

Diagonal Rib Socks
New Toy

Small Project for February

Ropes and Picot almost done!
Here's a knitting date from my world. The Ropes and Picot sweater is ready for the front/neck bands to go on. The seaming went quickly last night while I was watching The Count of Monte Cristo. What a great movie! The whole family actually sat and watched it with me. Anyway, now I'm ready to pick up along the edges and get the bands done. At first I thought I'd do a button band, but after trying it on, I realize that I will be wearing it alone not as a cardi. The sleeves are on the tight side. I'm going to follow the pattern and do snaps along the front for a closure.
The Diagonal Rib socks are such a delight to knit. Very fast and easily memorized pattern. I'm going to do that pattern again for my Small Project for February. Justine reached into the bin and pulled out the bag with the yarn Cammie gave me for a Thank You from her visit. I'm thrilled to death! I was hoping that yarn would show up early so I wouldn't be waiting until November to see it and knit it up. I'm going to finish the two socks I have going then start on my Feb. project.
The scale is my new knitting toy. Several of the ladies in my knit group have one and say it's essential for splitting a ball of sock yarn for knitting two pair at the same time. Currently, I'm not even interested in doing that, but I am concerned about running out of yarn, especially when working with Jitterbug. This, at least, will help me determine if I have enough to finish both socks.
Gotta go knit...

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  1. Who would have thought a scale is a valuable knitting tool? My husband and I have big feet. It's essential!