Monday, February 9, 2009


Justine and Daisy
Come and get it birdies!!

Justine decided she needed a tree for outside her bedroom window. Something for her to look at and watch grow over the years. She's my "earthy" kid. It was because of Justine we had to switch from paper to cloth napkins at dinnertime. Also, she's always reminding everyone to recycle. She takes care of the animals more than the other two as well. Her new tree is a Dogwood and should have cute white flowers in the Spring. She wanted to make a bird feeder for her tree, too. She has a big shell that she found with MaryLou and Al on their last visit up at Fort Clinch. I suggested she take the shell and nestle it in the branches of the tree. The birds haven't found it yet, but when they do, they'll provide plenty of entertainment for Justine.

She and I decided to take her photo every season to not only show the changes in the tree, but to compare their growth over the course of a year. You can look forward to another photo sometime in April or May.

Oh, she named the tree Daisy.


  1. How sweet! She sounds like a really neat kid!

  2. Ooooh! I love Justine! And Daisy! And the shell bird feeder! Good for her, really. We need more earthy kids so that the earth is a nice place to live later. I'm earthy too... but I'm old. : )

  3. Chico and Cleo will be over for lunch tomorrow.