Friday, February 13, 2009

Knitting Godzilla

In our family, if you do some weird, klutzy, stupid thing that is embarrassing, you're called a Godzilla. It started with the gals at my mom's work several years ago. If there were an Olympic sport on Godzillaness, these ladies would win the gold every time. The stories are hilarious! Around my family...we're talking my mom, me, my, mostly my mom and me. Barb's a Godzilla, but she's better at recovery then mom and I are. Very often (more than we'd like to admit) our conversations include, "Oh, did I tell you my Godzilla from the other day?" or "Let me tell you what so-and-so did. She's such a Godzilla."

So Wednesday night at knitting I'm swatching. We're at a coffee house with poor lighting, so I have to forget sock knitting. I decided to swatch my Leaf Scarf and my Amelia sweater. The Amelia sweater calls for 20 sts over 4" on size 7, so being a "lose woman" I start on 6s...nope, I get 19 sts. Then I move on to size 7 needles (yes, yes...I know, but hold on are keep reading). At this point we all go home and I don't pick up the swatch until last night. Now I continue with the 7s...measure, and I have 19 sts. I'm thinking that's weird. So I move onto size 8s. I get about 4 inches knit up and measure....19 STITCHES! This is when I start to talk out loud..."WHAT? How can I have the same number of stitches on three different needles sizes?!" Mike, in his ever so helpful manner says, "Maybe your yarn is changing?" I give him a look and ignore him. It's about this time that the light bulb goes off and I realize I pulled a Godzilla and should have gone down to a 5. DUH. Ok, it is weird that I got the same number of sts on three different size needles, don't you think? I'm sure I would have made the connection sooner if after knitting up the swatch on the 7s, I counted say...18 sts. Or maybe if I wasn't watching the opener for the new Survivor. (BTW, the 5s were spot on right for gauge.)

Well, maybe not...I am a Godzilla after all.

Then I realize that I really don't have enough yardage for Amelia. I have about 1200 and I'd need over 1400 for Amelia. So I decided to make the Diminishing Rib Cardi from the new Interweave Knits. So I decided to cast on and get things started. It has a rolled cast on that I did wrong...again, new episode of CSI...or Godzilla...take your pick.

I'll try again tonight. It's Friday the's always been lucky for me! Mike asked me to marry him on a Friday the 13th and they've been lucky ever since...yeah!

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  1. Ha ha, I have totally done the same thing - "Why is my guage getting further off?". I have to think it through every time.

    Mike is funny. Just blame the yarn. What did it ever do to him?