Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Things About Me

25 Things you may or may not know about me.

1. I can't watch violent movies (especially Nazi or Mob type).
2. I love to cook, especially baking, but I'm not very creative about it.
3. I read every night before I fall asleep.
4. I have a very large spoon collection that I started in 1982.
5. I've never been skiing, nor do I ever want to.
6. I broke my first bone ice skating at Joey's b-day party when I was 44 years old.
7. I know how to play Craps, 21 and Roulette.
8. My right ear has no feeling in it because the nerve was cut when I had a benign tumor removed behind my ear in 2000.
9. I took a fire arms class and was a pretty good shot.
10. My middle name is for my grandmother...Ruth.
11. Twins run in my family. My maternal grandmother was a twin and I have twin nephews.
12. My sister and I are only 11 months apart. I'm older than her except for three weeks between our birthdays when we're the same age.
13. I'm nine days older than my husband.
14. I had braces as a child.
15. I failed my drivers license test the first time out (on my 16th b-day).
16. I can watercolor paint pretty good.
17. I know how to say "Good Morning" in Japanese.
18. Two of my favorite bands are Oingo Boingo and Bare Naked Ladies.
19. My vision is so bad I'm considered a "severe myopic" and have to be careful for a possible detached retina if my head gets banged (like in a car accident).
20. I have never given blood.
21. My favorite movie is Casablanca.
22. I love Bugs Bunny cartoons.
23. I used to be extremely shy.
24. I love to sing and dance, usually while listening to my shuffle and cleaning the house.
25. I love knitting. (Were you wondering when that would surface?)

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  1. I love to bake too! I try to be creative (did you see my sunflower cupcakes on my blog?) but sometimes taste is more important than cuteness. : )