Monday, November 24, 2014


We had another house guest over the weekend. Right? I know. Another.  This one was the best kind!  Just one night!  haha...I'm kidding!!  Anyway, he's Mike's best friend since high school, Tommy.  He has stayed with us a few times, here and Florida. He's a pilot so when he can swing it, he's here to visit.  I love having him here, he's fun and funny, happily eats whatever I put in front of him, it's in the 40s and he's walking around in shorts and flip-flops...tells funny stories on Mike, makes the kids laugh (he yells "wuuuuup" as a greeting) and Gracie almost jumped in his suitcase to go home with him, she loves him so much! He calls her "the mutt".  And he calls Veronica "The Mean One" because when she was little she'd always shy away from him (she did that with loud people...haha). He calls Mike "Magooie". 

So we're watching football and I'm knitting, of course.  He must have been watching me knit because he asks, "Isn't that boring?" Well, yes.  I was knitting a kind of boring project (plain stockinette, around and a gift too, so not nearly as exciting as knitting for myself).  So I tried to explain that not all knitting is boring...showed him my socks and other projects. (He asked twice, "You knit those socks?") I told him I like the calming repetition of it all, the feel of the yarn through my fingers and being able to be productive while sitting and relaxing was kinda cool too. He got it but I got the feeling he wasn't completely convinced.  He kept suggesting I knit booties for Gracie so her feet won't get cold in the snow...yeah, right! 

Our next visitor is the BEST...Veronica comes home from college on Wednesday night (in possible snowy!!) and stays till Sunday.  

And on a side note:  I honestly didn't know that Justine has the week off school for Thanksgiving.  Why?  Because I'm loosing my mind, too many distractions, too many visitors, holiday crap...take your pick.  That's why. I remember when I was totally on top of it all and knew everything.  Thank God those days are over and life can surprise me again. Because no school for Justine means no alarm clock for mom.  I'm still up early (6:45 today) but no alarm is a much nicer way to wake up.  

And if you're the praying kind...please say a prayer for my friend Debbie Giamanco who is in the hospital struggling after surgeries due to cancer.  She's a tough gal but could use the extra thoughts and prayers.  If you've know me for a while, you know she was my roommate for years when she had a house in Crown Point.  Thanks!!

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