Monday, November 10, 2014

Hi there!

Just checking in...
Yup, still here just busy with out of town guests.  Mike's folks left then a week and a half later, Mom showed up! She's staying a week and a half, so it'll be a while before a proper post.  I'll try to send photo posts from the phone but that's about all I can fit in for now.  It's really tough doing all kind of fun stuff and not blogging.  Insert smirk here.

The day after Mom leaves I'm headed to the beach with the girls for a much needed long weekend of hanging around, relaxing and knitting, with NO sight seeing. Just think how nice it will be when I return and you have post after post to read again!

I hope you're having a fun week too!  Work hard on your knitting projects...knit fast! I hear the Polar Vortex is coming back.

Dances around with joy about snow possibilities!

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