Sunday, November 23, 2014

Holiday Concentration

Don't you find it hard to concentrate on Thanksgiving, the NEXT actual holiday, instead of Christmas?  What with all the ads on TV, catalogs in the mail, internet stuff and store displays? I do.  I even heard Christmas music playing in a yarn shop and found myself happily singing along as I squeezed a skein or two (or three, or four). It was like catching yourself eating too much of something wonderful...Crap! Did I just really do that?!

I LOVE Christmas music.  Really. Love.  I usually sneak in some listening about mid-summer just to get a fix.  This year I didn't because (again) I'm working on fine-tuning my Christmas Spirit which has been hard for me the past few years.  So when I hear those Yuletide songs, I can't help but sing along. (Ok, did I just channel my inner Dr. Seuss?)

I haven't listened to MY Christmas music...yet.  I'm waiting till the girls and I head out on Black Friday (early!) to do some shopping.  Then it will be non-stop stuff and the local station that plays all Christmas songs.  

So I'm also thinking about fun holiday baking, too. (Music and goodies to eat...always on my mind.)  FB is killing me!! I saw a post today with 25 different kinds of FUDGE!!  I even looked at the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Fudge details.  Oh my, did it look delicious!  Then I remembered an old favorite:  Crack Pretzels!  They're fun and easy to make (not fudge I realize, but I have a wonderful recipe for fudge from Elise Morehouse that I always make)...they make a ton, so I can bring them to knitting or send some in with Mike to share at work, give to neighbors, etc.


  1. I usually have a strict rule, no singing, humming or even whistling of a Christmas tunes until after Thanksgiving. I've noticed that I've started to relax that rule so that waiting til after Halloween is acceptable, due no doubt to the onslaught of Xmas advertising that starts! Thank you for reminding me about the crack pretzels, I'll be making those for a Friday treat soon!

  2. You have to try this will Rollo's instead of the kisses. Another flavor but same addictive qualities and almost as quick!