Friday, November 21, 2014

Happy Friday! was your week?

Mine started out the beach with my friend.  Sleeping in, comfy clothes all day, knitting, chatting, laughing, relaxing....ahhhh.

Came home on Tuesday, the same day Mike left for Canada (via Buffalo, NY).  Ok, so unless you live under a rock, you know what happened in Buffalo. They usually fly to Buffalo then drive across to Canada. The flew into Rochester instead.  He comes home today (another big snow day for Buffalo) via Detroit. I'm so glad he's getting away from that snow-covered mess.

Anyway....the point is, he's gone when I get home. This means I have to do his "stuff" while he's away.  That includes walking the dog late at night (when I would usually be in my pjs warm in bed, reading).  I really don't mind because I never get to be outside with the dog's quiet and peaceful (if we don't meet any other dogs that is).  And it's been cold lately.  I'm not complaining about that either...I love the cold.  No, that's not it...I love wearing my knitted stuff because of the cold!  Yeah, that's it.  I have two bins, piled high with hats/mitts/mittens in one and scarves/cowls in another.  Going out in the cold?  Does your dog have to sniff every leaf and keep you out so long you're chilled to the bone? Is the wind blowing and making it feel like 20 instead of 29? Gotta cha covered...take your pick of knitted accoutrements' and carry on, leash in hand, sniffing dog at your side.

So Wednesday I took it easy, did a lot of knitting and caught up on my shows.

Thursday I went to the grocery store and got all the fixings for Thanksgiving.  I had to be sure to get a smallish turkey that would fit in my freezer and fridge. If you wait too long there are only 25 lb. turkeys left, no cranberries (canned or fresh), no stuffing/dressing bags, no disposable pans and no "kits" for prepping turkey for baking. Whew! Got em all! Sweet!!

Today is Friday.  I'm getting another cortisone shot in my shoulder to help bring about more mobility...with any luck. 

Tomorrow Mike is picking up his BFF, Tom in DC.  Tom is staying overnight with us and flying out on Sunday. He usually just stays over night, he's a pilot, so the quick layover thing, you know?  Always fun to see him, for Mike especially.


Nothing but knitting. 
You saw that coming, didn't you?

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