Tuesday, November 25, 2014

10 Little Thankfuls

I really try to be truly Thankful for what I have in my life.  I get that things can be always much worse and I should really appreciate all that is good in my life...things can turn on a dime.  The big stuff; home, health, family and friends. 

And I'm Thankful for those little things too:

1.  Yesterday I walked Gracie in the afternoon wearing a short sleeved shirt.  It was 73 degrees.

2.  Tomorrow it should snow.  Probably when Veronica's plane is coming in, but we're not expecting too much so no worries there.

3.  I accidentally bought a turkey to make for Thanksgiving with one of those built-in thermometers.  Accidentally because I just wasn't paying attention.

4.  I have nothing to do today but knitting and laundry.

5.  The weather is nice...cool, gray and cloudy. I'll do my long walk today, hopefully before any rain starts.

6.  I have knitting tonight.  Yeah!

7.  I see my first born tomorrow! Double yeah!!!!!

8.  I get to eat dinner out tonight at knitting.  We meet at Panera.  Mmmm...some butternut squash soup sounds nice.

9.  I already have 12 inches done on the body of my new sweater I'm knitting.  And I've only worked on it two days. (size 8 needles help)

10.  It's almost time to listen to Christmas music, officially.

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