Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ten for Tuesday...In the Queue

Here are ten potential knitting projects from my queue on Ravelry. I have yarn for all of them. I will, with any luck, knit them all very soon!

1. Plum Island Pullover by Alison Green
 2. Seasons Hat by Jared Flood
3. Trillium by Michele Wang
4. pour moi by Lori Versaci
5. Heart on Fire by Lily Go
6. Leaving by Anne Hanson
7. Peerie Flooers by Kate Davies
8. Thicket by Alana Dakos
9. Breton by Jared Flood
10. Natessa by Corrina Ferguson

Maybe I should cast one on today.
Have fun with your knitting, too.


  1. All great selections! Can't wait to see which one you choose and which yarn!