Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cove Point Lighthouse

Next weekend is the Maryland Lighthouse Challenge.  This means you visit the 9 lighthouses in Maryland in one weekend...AND an additional +1 lighthouse in Virginia.  Sounds cool, huh?  I think maybe next year we'll attempt the challenge but reading about it did peak my interest in checking out the lighthouses in our area.  So today we drove to the Cove Point Lighthouse.  It was about 1 1/2 hours drive through the most beautiful farm land...really lovely.  The weather being perfect for a nice drive and lighthouse adventure.  Here's what we saw:
 The original plans for the light keeper's cottage.  It is now a duplex and you can rent it out for your summer vacation!  
 Starting from the left...the light keeper's house, the lighthouse, the fog house; the keeper was responsible for making sure the fog horn worked, if not the bell was rang as a back up.  These two photos were in a display of the history of the lighthouse.
 Same buildings as above as they stand today.
 The stairwell in the lighthouse.  Unfortunately, it wasn't open.  Too bad.  I wonder if it's haunted like the St. Augustine lighthouse? Hmmmm...

 Do I hear footsteps?
 No, not a ghost, just Mike who was too tall to fit in without ducking.

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