Monday, September 2, 2013

School Start & Birthday

Here's the first day of school photo of Justine and her girlfriend.  The freshman went alone on Monday, then everyone joined them on Tuesday.  Very sensible I think.  
(You can't really see it, but on Justine's shirt are a bunch of Scottie dogs...which is very cool for me because that was our mascot at my high school...Go Scotties!)

So here we are on Tuesday morning and Joey, who is a senior is joining her.  Can you tell he is totally annoyed with me for making him take a picture?  Well, it's my last chance...his LAST first day. 

Justine go-carting with her friends at her birthday party!  

Best idea ever:  Have your teenager have her slumber-birthday party on the first Friday night after school starts.  It was amazing how quiet they were!  haha

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