Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sans Photos

It's been brought to my attention that I'm not blogging enough, so I decided to stop worrying about always having photos with my posts and just write sometimes. Enjoy.

Second to the last day of school and I'm just not as excited as I used to be. I am still looking forward to NOT having to wake up kids in the morning, making lunches and quoting the time every 10 minutes to motivate butts out the door. But now that I'm working it's just not the same. Before I was working, it was also MY vacation, too. No rushing in the morning, an easy going attitude toward errands and chores, and pool time with the kids. I keep telling myself that "the one constant is change", but some are harder than others.

I'm on week #2 of the c25k running program. The running schedule will change for the better after the kids get out of school. I can run in the mornings, even on the days I got to work since I don't start till 9 am. I just need to get my butt going early which (ahem) usually isn't a problem.

Knitting is going great. I finished my tofutsie socks and my Strangled Vine scarf. That yarn Richard dyed for me last year really is so pretty, the scarf turned out beautiful. Look for pictures on my project page on Ravelry soon. My Blackrose socks are almost through the gusset on the first sock and looking quite lovely. The yarn (kettle dyed from Knitpicks) is actually looking kettle dyed, which is nice. I started my little purple scarf, too. That should finish up quickly, but I need some "bathroom knitting" time to get it done as the pattern requires full attention. I'm waiting a little impatiently for my Sock Innovation book by Cookie A. to arrive. It should arrive on Friday, but I'm hoping earlier (ever the optimist). I'm dying to start a new sock, and since I only have one pair on the needles, I really NEED to, but I'll wait for the book and possibly start Wanida. I also started and am well into my June Small Project. I'm making gloves (the five finger variety) with some sock yarn. The yarn is kinda thick for socks and is a cotton blend (not my favorite for the feet). It's self striping so the gloves are looking very cute. I have one hand and the pinkie done on the first glove. I should bring it to knitting tonight to work on...that or my Blackrose socks. I'm sure I'll bring more projects that I need to, I always do.

I went to Joey's awards assembly yesterday morning. He didn't really receive an award, but rather recognition for his acceptance into the TIPS program at Duke University. I was proud nonetheless. There was a gal sitting next to me, and since I left my knitting at home, I started chatting her up. Turns out she's a Science teacher at a local High School and has a daughter in the 7th grade. Daughter got award after award after award. Mom even turns to me and says, "Oh wow, I didn't even know she would be getting this award, it's her worst subject!" Of course I smiled and commented how wonderful her daughter was and how proud she must be.

I didn't even grit my teeth when I said it either.


  1. Did you have the gloves?
    Sometimes I'm not very observant... but I don't remember seeing gloves!
    Are they hard to knit?
    I need to learn! : )

    So many things I want to knit and so little time!

  2. Good to be free of the "shoulds" when it comes to blogging. Photo or not, it's your life and we like reading it!! But if your daughter starts racking up the awards, don't get too cocky!

  3. I KNOW I posted on this comment days ago ... hmmm. Either you didn't like it - so didn't approve it - or maybe I messed up on the decipher and didn't notice!

    Our knitting group went on our BIG all-day shopping spree at the end of May. Oh my. A lot of money was spent, but not all by me - and it was so much fun!

    I like hearing updates about your running program.