Monday, June 22, 2009

Just a Big Kid

He's just a big kid! Looks like Mike is having fun in San Diego.
Here's a close up of the tree behind that big kid in the first photo. It's a Jacaranda Tree. It only blooms in May/June...bright purple show of flowers. They need dry soil to grow, might be why you just don't see ANY here in Florida. My Nana always hated these trees because the are always dropping something...their seed pods look like potato chips (my kids used to call it the "potato chip tree") and then the flowers drop. Yeah, a mess...but pretty, too!
The grandparents seem to enjoy theirs anyway...Mary Lou sent me the photo last week. Al sent some seeds to the kids, so after this heat of summer we're gonna try growing one in a container. How about that...we might grow the first Jacaranda Tree in Florida!

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