Monday, June 22, 2009

Great Weekend!

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We had a great weekend...considering the head of the house is on the West Coast playing with family and friends. We sure do miss him! Saturday morning Jen and I went to the Good Shepherd pool for a swim. It was a good workout for me, I didn't have the panicky feeling from before and was able to swim the entire distance across (80ft) without stopping. Ok, ok, not monumental, but a big step for me. Then the kids and I did some shopping and kicked back at home.

On Sunday, Jen and I went for an 18 mile bike ride at the Baldwin Rail Trail. Huge! She stayed over afterwards with the little guy and we all went swimming, had lunch, then more swimming...I was pooped by day's end! I got a photo of my kids playing in the pool. Look at that Joey...I could enter a collection in the County Fair with all the weird photos I have of that kid.

Jen also helped me figure out how to log my workouts onto our Tri website to keep track of my progress. She also helped me order...prescription goggles! Thank God, otherwise there would be NO WAY I could find my bike after the swim in a race. (Pretty sure the math on calculating the prescription is correct...we had a couple hard lemonades with lunch :D) I'm so excited...being able to see while swimming?! Sweet!!

Last night the kids and I watched "Bedtime Stories". Very cute...clever idea for a movie.

Anyway, it was a great weekend. Hope yours was fun, too.


  1. Ordering perscription goggles is definitely a sign of commitment! You're working so hard - and it sounds like having someone to work WITH is making the journey even sweeter!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! The tri training sounds like it's coming along swimmingly!