Tuesday, June 16, 2009

B-day, Tequila, Knitting...yup, that's about it.

I'm a little behind in my posting...but, better late than never! My birthday was 9 days ago and what a birthday it was! Second only to my b-day when girlfriends surprised me and took me to an Andy Gibb concert. It started the Friday before with Mexican food, margaritas and tequila and ended yesterday with um, tequila. Ok, it wasn't a continuous party, but it was fun! My knitting friends treated me to a fun night of dinner, drinking and wii (my arm was killing me the next day). Then on Saturday, our regular knit night, Jen made cheese cake cupcakes...oh my, they were dee-lish. She also knit me my first ever pair of socks....hand knit...shorty socks...very cute. The whole group is so loving and generous, I'm so lucky to have befriended them. I just don't know what my life here would be like without them.

Then yesterday, I get theBecky's present in the mail. More tequila! Not just any, oh no...sipping tequila from the devil's cart (La Carreta del Diablo). Not pictured are two beautiful, hand blown, glass margarita glasses...and "The Three Amigos" movie. She's too funny! I love the gift Beck...you always know exactly what to get me girl! Thanks sweetie.
On the knitting front, I finally finished something! These are my Blackrose Socks. The pattern was fun and super easy. Because of my b-day, I've bought some yarn....hey! it's allowed, b-day money and all. I now have so much sock yarn that I'm good for a long, long...LONG time. BUT I'm not done with my b-day yarn shopping...when I get to San Diego in July, mom and I are going yarn shopping for a belated b-day gift. I'd like to get something for a sweater, maybe. I'll bring my patterns with me just in case.

Summer is under way here in the Casa. We've been enjoying the pool and trying to stay out of the heat that seems to have kicked into high gear around these parts. Joey goes to Aquatics Camp next week and has some great classes planned: Air Gun/BB Gun class, fishing, climbing, athletics, archery and space exploration science stuff. Cool! He'll be going with his buddies across the street too. Yeah, carpool!

Today is Mike's Birthday. We're the same age, only I'm nine days older. Robbin' the cradle, I know.


  1. Yeah!! Happy Birthday to you!

  2. I remember that concert, I even remember the card we got you with the paperbag inside of it that we hid the tickets in !

  3. We've come a long way, baby!
    OMG, Andy Gibb was sooo cute! That was so much fun, I still have my ticket stub.
    Hi Karoo!! :-)