Tuesday, June 16, 2009

She rides, She runs...now She swims, kinda

The last part of the tri puzzle fell into place last Saturday morning. Jen finally got me out to the pool for a lap swim. I struggled a bit...anxiety being a big issue. I'm working on it though. Just getting the first swim out of the way makes me feel much better. My goal is to get to where I'm swimming twice a week so I can do a 1/4 mile without touching the bottom or the sides (nothing to hold onto in an open swim people!). It'll be my biggest challenge, but I can do it!

The running is going great. Today I did day 1 of week 3 on the C25K program. It was a great work out. Really, if you've ever thought about taking up running this program is wonderful. Very slow paced, easy on the body and schedule, too. BUT if you decide to do it, you have to use the podcasts by Robert Ullrey. They are essential for keeping you on track with the stop/start times without being naggy or annoying.

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  1. All these adventures you're having!! Do you work anymore??
    Good job and being consistent and disciplined -- those things flow into all other areas of our living!