Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yarn Purchase...

Ok, before you start clicking that tongue...I had a Gift Certificate from Christmas and The Local Needle got in some new Pagewood Farms sock yarn so....I had to spend it!!! I stayed with in my "rules" for the Yarn Fast and only purchased with in my Certificate boundaries ($50). I also got a new booklet from Classic Elite Yarns called Make it Modern. The Plum Wool Bam Boo is for the little scarf on the cover. As always it was so fun to go to Joan's shop. I didn't have any shopping buddies with me so I didn't even bring any knitting with me. I just shopped and came home. I am thrilled with the new sock yarn and I know it will motivate me to finish the two I already have on needles.
Maybe I should get another set of sock size circs so I can have three pair going at once?!
Somebody quick!
Talk me down!!!


  1. Such fancy yarns!! Very relieved to hear you had a gift certificate!!

  2. Yarn fast right? Not necessarily a needle fast!

    One month in and you're doing really well. :)