Friday, January 2, 2009

Start of the New Year

Kozmic gonna try it!
Handsome dude in his favorite sweatshirt.

Three good lookin' broads.

After a late start, we drove to St. Augustine for some fun. It was packed! I guess folks in town for the Gator Bowl, eh? We ate at our favorite pizza place in town Kozmic Bluz, sat inside this time because it was a big chilly. We discovered a new store called Go Fish. They buy direct from artisans in other countries, usually very poor countries. They have awesome stuff. Mike wanted the giraffe carving that stood about 7 feet tall. Me, I had my eye on this hand knit alpaca bag...bright pink. Alas, we were just window shopping, you know right after Christmas and all.
I'm making great progress on my Blue Greenjeans sweater, I'm now about 5 inches down on the cable portion. It's a quick knit on size 7 needles..that's jumbo size in my world.
Today will be a bit sad...taking down of all things Christmas around here. I usually miss something...hey, it's been up in the house since Saturday after Thanksgiving...that's a long time!


  1. Have you opened your first bag yet? Hope to see you Saturday!

  2. Hey - I have some blue yarn (with a bit of white twisted in) for my own Mr. Greenjeans sweater too! Have been planning it for a long time, but just not to the cast on stage yet! I did a swatch gauge so long ago that I can't remember if I ended up needing size 10 or 10.5 needles. Darn.