Thursday, January 15, 2009

Me & Nanajana in Savannah!

Nanajan in the Colonial Cemetery
Enjoying the day! (Yes, that's the Lady Feb. sweater!)

Reynolds Square was in our front yard.

Well, the last time I posted my Mom arrived in town and I'm finally back...she left this morning. It's been a busy week, full of food, travel and a lot of laughs. Our weekend in Savannah was so much fun! First, the weather could not have been better. Even the rain (drizzle, really) on Sunday didn't keep us from exploring. We took the city tour on one of those trolley cars. Thanks Donner for the tip about the $10 tour. Our guide was very funny and knowledgeable, but I was a little disappointed that he had a New York accent instead of a nice southern drawl. That evening we took the trolley Ghost Tour (our feet hurt from so much walking during the day) and I got my fill of southern drawl. The gal doing the tour was so funny...she HATED Sherman (spit into the trash can upon saying his!). Some of it was for show, but I'm sure not all of it. During the day we walked down to St. John's Cathedral for a look around. If you haven't seen this, it's a must! The Nativity was still up, too (good timing for us). We did most of the touristy stuff, too...even sat on Forrest Gump's bench. The best place we ate was The Pirate's House. The food was excellent and the spooky surroundings were wonderful! I can't wait to go again with the family. There are two things I'd love to do with Mike and the kids...tour the Davenport Home and check out one of the many SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) galleries.
The job is going great. I wish I could get over my nervousness, but that will come with time. Mostly I dwell on what needs to be done at work while I'm at home...stupid, I know. I guess I've been away from the work force so long, that I'm having trouble separating the two...home and work. Today I should get my first paycheck! Wahoo!!
I haven't been knitting too much this week, between working and playing, but Danny's Hat should be done soon and then I'm going to get that second sock done for my Personal Knitted project this month. Actually, it's so darn cold, I'm thinking about working on that afghan that's been in my UFOs for so long. My Mr. Greenjeans' body is done and the sleeves await. This weekend I plan on starting the blocking for my Ropes and Picot sweater. I can't wait till that's the color!
Hope all is well in your world and your knitted items do their job keeping you warm this winter...burrrr!!!

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  1. Savannah is so beautiful! Glad you had a great time. I'll have to check out SCAD next time I go.

    For someone who isn't knitting much, you're getting a lot done!