Monday, January 26, 2009

Winter Knit in Public

Me and my goodies!
Deborah, Ira and April stopped by too. Here they hare chatting with Christine and Charlotte.

Jen and her new "ripped" shot glass. Bring on the Tequila!

The two ladies who made this event happen...Kimber and Corrina.
KIP Winter Edition was so much fun! The weather was pretty good and waited to rain until after the give aways...around 4pm. I think it was a pretty good turn out, too. Everyone seemed to be happy...knitting, chatting and laughing their way through the day. Kimber had plenty of Door Prizes and Raffle items. A bunch of people in our group won stuff...very cool! It seemed that most of the local yarn shops even donated some items, which was great to see. I saw plenty of familiar faces and I met a few new ones, too.
When the rain came our group decided to head to the downtown Public Library to sit and knit in their cafe. I had never been to the Library but I'd heard many wonderful things about it. You people who don't live in Jacksonville don't know this, but if you're not a resident of Duval County, it costs you $40 to get a library card. I can get a library card for you county at no cost though. I'm super bummed because I've heard that the knitting book selection is excellent at the downtown branch...other branches, too come to think about it. Anyway, we didn't stay long because the cafe was closed. Jodi was the Tour Guide for us and pointed out what is located on each floor if the Library (there are five floors, including the basement floor). She then took our group outside and down the street to Chamblin's Book Mine (web site problems, can't hyperlink). What a fantastic used book store! They had a cafe (open!), so we had coffee and some knit time then went to the knitting section of the store. We didn't see anything too exciting, but we had a good chuckle at some of the dated patterns and models. Anything knit from the 60's and 70's is always good for a laugh or two.

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