Monday, September 19, 2011

Yarny Goodness from Florida Fiber In

Anzula "Breeze"...hand dyed lace weight, 65% silk, 35% linen, 750 yds!

This will probably become a lace shawl someday. Maybe this or something from this book (if I get it for Christmas). It looks very pink in the photo, but it's really more of a salmon pink. It has that brushed look you get from silk...very pretty and soft. The vendor was Four Purls yarn shop from Winter Haven, FL. Her booth was one of the best...plenty of yarn, kits, accessories, notions and other goodies. Three of us bought yarn from her.

Ewephoric Fibers, kettle dyed Indigo, 450 yds, fingering weight (superwash) merino. Probably will become this shawl by Picnicknits. It's hard to tell from the photo, but the color changes from deep indigo to deep's very subtle and quite beautiful.

This was my STEAL!! I got it at the auction at the Fiber In (for probably $10 under retail). It's Wollmeise, color is super deep navy called "My old blue Jeans" (the color is more like new-new jeans), 574 yds, fingering weight (superwash) merino. This is the first yarn I've owned that I'm just giddy about!! I feel compelled to wait for the "perfect" pattern to come I'm in no rush to find a project. I'll just ooh and aah over it for a while!

This yarn is only available in the USA at The Loopy Ewe in St. Louis, MO. (I believe, someone correct me if I'm wrong.) I went to their website to see the actual retail and they're sold out.

This is hand dyed and spun yarn by Funny Face Farms...the label reads "A little urban farm filled with chickens, geese and an entire yard of lil bun buns" (thoes are bunnies for you city folk). The gal who I bought it from was a joy to talk to, I just had to buy a skein of her work. No idea what I'll do with it. The content is a combo of merino wool, organic wool, colonial wool, superwash wool, BFL, bamboo, firestar, silk, mohair and angelina. Yeah, I don't know what they all are either. I think some of the names are a kind of bunny (angora). It's about 100 yds.

This is another Ewephoric Fiber yarn (sorry for the upside down label in the photo), kettle dyed, sport weight merino, 500 yds. This will be my next project, called Xenia. I've been wanting to cast this project on for a while...just waiting for the right yarn to come along!

We all decided that there wasn't enough yarn at the Fiber In. You wouldn't know it by my haul, but it's true. There was TONS of fiber (duh). If I were a spinner, I'd be very thrilled by the selection. They also didn't take credit cards. I, of course, had plenty of cash...I don't take chances when it comes to buying yarn!

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