Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Very Cool...and dry!

I just came in from my morning run. First time out on a weekday morning in a while due to school starting and adjusting schedules and all. What a shock to walk outside (before sunrise) and find it cool and dry. Cool. And dry! Monday's run was very hot and humid, so naturally, I expected more of the same. After all it was only two days ago. I think it was in the mid 60s. It felt like October. I felt like I could run forever. As the sun rose, it broke through the trees and hit me in the face...full brightness and was blinding, but it was great!

I'm still knitting away on my socks...I have one from two of the pairs done (half a pair?) and on the third pair, I'm about 1/2 way through the first sock. I just picked up my gusset and am working the decreases. (Beck, these are your socks and do they ever look nice!)

I'm thinking about starting a shawl or socks or something. Getting antsy to start SOMETHING, anyway. I bought the cutest fair isle sweater pattern yesterday. Its called Plum Frost Cardigan by Elinor Brown of Exercise Before Knitting (funny, huh?...I almost never, I mean ALWAYS do this!) I'd like to start it soon, but I need the base color (not enough in stash of the main color). Here's what it looks like:

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