Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Ride

So I'm taking you along on my Sunday ride today. I wish it had been a sunny day, but it's cloudy and overcast in anticipation of some outer bands of rain we're supposed to get this afternoon courtesy of Tropical Storm Lee.

I'm on the Black Creek Trail...strap on your helmet and let's ride!

There are a few other bikers and walkers along the trail. If I got before noon on a Sunday, it's never too crowded (everyone is in church). The serious riders usually go on Hwy 17 which runs parallel to the Black Creek Trail.
A couple of planked walkways, too.

Not too much "vegetation" where I took the photo of this sign, but you'll see in other photos...there is a nice buffer of plants and trees all along the trail. Too bad there's no way to cut out the traffic noise.

Pine needles make a nice cushion.

In Jacksonville they say 'there's a church on every corner' joke, there is. And they're equal opportunity as well.

With the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 coming up soon, it was nice to see this sign.

Towards the end of the trail, the path becomes very woodsy. There are some dirt trails like in the photo...even a bench to rest on. This little spot is at the top of a little hill.
Top of the hill, looking down. This part of the trial has those giant lubber grasshoppers all over. They are so gross!! Thankfully, they are also slow moving. Running over one in your bike is a bad idea...nothing like trying to scrape grasshopper guts off your leg while riding your bike. ugh!

Let's race down the hill!! GO!

The trail ends here. There's a little park, a bathroom and parking lot. You can continue toward Black Creek on a dirt trail if you want. In the interest of not being eaten alive by mosquitos, I'm turning around and heading back.

These bring purple berries are all over this time of year. Don't know what they are, but they sure are pretty!

What's a Sunday ride without a picture of a church.

Let's go left and ride through Eagle Harbor, ok? There's lots of water to pass maybe we'll see some wildlife! Look, an egret! (He was still in that same spot on the way back, too. I guess he's taking it easy this Labor Day weekend.)

A nice spot to take a rest and have a drink of water. That's my mountain bike.

The path through Eagle Harbor is really pretty. The only thing bad about is, it's very narrow and people with their ear buds in and music blasting usually don't her my 'on your left' till I'm shouting at them. Luckily, it was pretty empty today.

Another resting spot ahead. I love the reflection of the woods on the water.

A quick stop at Doctor's Lake. This is usually a busy area with folks putting their boats in the water and getting ready to have a grand time on the water. Sounds like fun to me.
If you're a resident, you can use this private dock. Isn't the Spanish Moss pretty.

Hard to believe this setting is in the middle of a huge residential development. It was very well thought out. The long stretch home!

Thanks for coming along with me today.

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