Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Needles on Fire!


My name is Brenda and I'm a small project addict.

No, really!

It started this summer when I wanted to do some small projects instead of socks, waiting for the Six Socks in September Challenge to begin. I looked back at my project pages on Ravelry and was really surprised to see what I'd completed. Here's the list...

Peridot Mitts (I did these in Madelinetosh dk, brown.) Really liked this pattern, it was quick and they look kinda old fashioned, the way the cuff is all bumpy. And it has one of my mom's favorite stitches...trinity stitch! Sorry I don't have a photo of my FO (a few of these don't have a photo yet). I'm hoping to have Joey take some photos this weekend and fill in the "blanks".

Packer Socks for theBecky (Beck...send me a photo!)

Thermis Cowl (I may frog this...not super thrilled with the outcome.)

Honey Cowl (This is very nice in Malabrigo!) Photo to come, sorry! I did a shorter version than the pattern shows.

THEN I knit my Six Socks in September and a beret from the new Coastal Knits per-order package. I'll post photos of that one next time.

And I still feel compelled to cast on more small projects! Here's what I'm thinking of next...

Paper Moon (new socks JUST came out with Knitty Deep Fall 2011) in bright pink Madelinetosh sock (oh my!)

Oak Grove Mitts (ordered some sport yarn from knitpicks in a charcoal gray...Ooooo)

Soleus (Madelinetosh Sock...burgundy with blue and pink)

Laurel by Jared Flood (I have a deep royal blue Woolease in my stash. I cast on last night at knitting, but dark yarn made it tough for me to see. I think this will be a daytime project only...darn you, old eyes!!

I'm making this with Woolease by Lion Brand. I know some of my knitsibs might frown upon making this in a "low end" yarn...but this yarn is really great. I made a Brambles Beret from some cream colored Woolease and it turned out beautiful (can't wait to wear it with my red coat this winter).

This one is a deep royal blue...with my red coat, it'll look great too!

Xenia (with my newly acquired yarn from the Florida Fiber In...the green stuff)

I have one sweater lace weight shawl (well, two if you count the languishing Bridgewater that needs to be finished) AND I have a KAL starting in October with a friend to make the Plum Frost Cardi. ACK! These little projects are stopping me from my bigger projects, but I....can't........stop.............casting on!!!

THEN last night Justine asked me to knit her a SWEATER!! This almost never happens, you know, a family member of mine requesting a knitted item. I made her a green sweater out of Crayon from Knitpicks in 2008, and she still loves it, but it's getting a bit small. She wants basically the same thing, but a different color.

Here she is in her greenie...I love this picture!

Lucky for her, I have three shades of Crayon in my stash, enough of all three to do sweaters. Except for the brown, that's mine...I'd like a pullover in that, just a big, soft, comfy, wear-around-the-house type sweater this winter. I think I'll do a top down raglan for her (maybe an EZ sweater)...this time she wants yellow. Or was it orange? I better check.

So needless say, the needles have been on fire and will continue to be from the looks of things!

A lot of these small projects will become Christmas presents...probably. I'm using all my yarny resistance not to cast on two or three new projects!

Help! Someone talk me down!!


  1. Brennie....put the needles down.....and slowly back away.....

  2. Hi Brennie, cool down!
    By the way - when are you doing all the other things (housewife, mother, employee ...), and when do you sleep? What is your fairy secret?
    ...I love all your "small projects" (very small ;o)