Friday, September 2, 2011

September Challenge #1

I cast on my first sock for the Six Socks in September challenge on Ravelry. I hardly need any motivation to knit socks, but it sounded like fun. So I cast on yesterday and got a few inches in (see lovely sideways photo below). Here's the problem: The pattern is really intended for multicolored yarn, not variegated like I'm using. I think it would be much prettier and show off the pattern much better if it were multicolored. BUT, I'm not gonna rip and re-cast on...I'm under the gun here folks!! Joke!! So I thought about it, and I'm beginning to like these socks...they look kinda "alligator-ish" to me. The pattern is super easy and when I get to the changes on the foot (see how that pattern tapers off to plain stockinette?) it should get interesting.

These are the designer's socks from the pattern page. Aren't they cute?! The socks are offered in three sizes. I'm making the smallest (60 sts). Those diamond shapes are made with just slipping the stitch for a few rows. Very clever!

I'll have to re-make these some day with some wonderful multi yarn...hmmm...maybe Mike found me something to fit the bill in Finland? I could always look for something at the Florida Fiber In in a couple weeks, too. (You might be saying, "Look in your stash, you nut!" Ok, I'll do that, too!)

Oh, the possibilities!

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