Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tampa Vacation Part I

This week we took a mini-vacation (three days) to Tampa. Mostly to check out a couple colleges for Veronica for next year, but partly because we wanted to get away and have some fun, too

We spotted this tower on the way into Tampa, thought it might be a fun spot for a picnic...but it really was only an abandoned utility tower of some sort, and the park around it wasn't that nice, but it was a good place to stop and stretch our legs.

Justine, of course, found a flower to pick (otherwise known as a weed to you and me).

You know, I brought my camera to take tons of pictures of our trip and really, I only took a few and not even many good ones at that, oh well. This is the fountain in front of the University of Tampa. Veronica wanted to check it out because it has a good Criminology program. It's a private college, small...only 6000 students, but beautiful and provides benefits that only a smaller university can offer (alot of personal attention to the students) BUT it's super expensive.

I did NOT take this photo, it's the back of the administration building. It shows off the beautiful architecture...Russian, Victorian and middle eastern (reminded me of some of the buildings I saw in Spain). The tour was very good, lots of information!

The natives got restless waiting for our tour to begin. This bench is just to the left of the porch in the photo above.

Next stop was the University of South Florida! Can you guess their mascot? This was in total contrast to what we saw yesterday...

It's a public university with a student body of around 45,000! It's huge...and didn't have all the charm of UT. It's also located outside the city, where UT is right in the heart of downtown Tampa. BUT it did have alot to offer and after the initial shock we started to really like it. The dorms are really nice, pretty much only the freshmen (and some sophomores) live on campus. We saw tons of bikes, so apparently that's how most students get around campus. Veronica really liked this one, especially the Honors College which offers a few extra perks and also the small school feel that she's used to with the AICE program at her high school.

She fits right in, don't cha think!

More on the trip tomorrow...

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  1. I used to live in Tampa and loved it. University of Tampa is a great school but as you said, really pricey. UNF is a good school too and has grown a lot.