Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Friendship Fountain

The City of Jacksonville spent $3.1 million to renovate this 45 year old landmark...The Friendship Fountain. So we drove downtown and checked it out. The water changes constantly and at night it's lit up beautifully (so I'm told). This picture was taken from the middle of the Main Street Bridge (walking distance from the fountain for those of you not in Jacksonville).
The brick work around the fountain and the park is very nice. Lots of picnic tables under huge oaks for hanging out and enjoying the beautiful view of the fountain, the St. John's River, downtown and across the river...The Jacksonville Landing.

Behind Justine and Mike are the Main Street Bridge, some of the Jax Skyline and The Landing. (It's the view across the River from the fountain.)

No more MODIS on the Modis building...which technically, isn't the Modis Building any more.

It was such a nice day...a little warm, but very nice.

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  1. The fountain looks beautiful and I especially loved your last photo!