Saturday, July 16, 2011


I finally got pictures of some FOs:

I finished Corrine a while ago, but finally got a photo. This is all garter stitch but done up and down(as opposed to side to side)...super easy and unique way to make a sweater. It's a Knitty pattern so you know what that!

This is my latest cardi. It's the Minimalist Cardigan. My second one...first one I gave to Barb cuz it didn't fit me right (too big in the shoulders). This one I did a size smaller for the back, same size as before for the fronts but made the shoulder seam for the smaller size (hope some of that makes sense to you knitters). It fits GREAT and the yarn Madeline Tosh DK was a total splurge (thanks again Dad). I can't wait to wear this in the fall...or winter, whichever comes first.

Mike was travelling for business in Minnesota and actually went into a yarn shop and got me some sock wonderful is that?! It's St. Seraphina Twinkle Toes in Bubble Gum. He even told the shop worker (some guy in a pony tail no less) that he didn't want any national brand yarn, because I probably already had that, but some local hand dyed sock yarn.

Um...sorry ladies...he's all mine! This is a man who not only is fearless enough to go into a yarn shop but knows what to buy while in there! And if you weren't jealous enough, he also speaks "knit". He knows what gauge is, too.

Pony tail dude threw in a few freebies, too.

Mike said that this guy showed him some thicker sock yarn, even showed him a sock knit up in the thicker yarn (working hard to make the sale, you know). So Mike says, "Um, we don't really need socks that thick down in Florida." The guy says, "Oh yeah, I guess not." LOL!

And on the subject of things NOT related to knitting...Joey got glasses. So here's the conversation between Joey and Justine after the glasses:

Justine: Joey, you look smarter with glasses.

Joey: Now that I can see you, you look dumber.

The usual.

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