Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

May 30, 2011 - Memorial Day 5K
We ran in the race this morning! It was my first race since December. All that work to come back from calve pain and knee trouble was totally worth it! I had a great run...ran the entire race and my time was 36:26!! Mike ran with me and his time was 28:20...fantastic! This was a new course for this race and was it ever nice...mostly shady and few hills. There weren't too many runners either. Sometimes there are so many runners that maneuvering around people can be kinda scary. Mike had a tougher time with that than me, so next race he's gonna start more toward the front of the pack. I like to start in the back, it forces me to stay slow and steady, that way I have some energy left at mile 2 to push ahead toward the finish.

And my number? 747...I was destined to run like a jet plane!

The rest of Memorial Day was spent relaxing, knitting, going for a drive and swimming in the pool with the family. A great day! Hope your holiday was fun too.

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  1. We should have picked a spot to meet up! I did not run the whole thing but I still beat my last time by a smidge, so I'm happy. My 12yo did pretty well though - finished in 28:08 - his best time ever!