Tuesday, May 17, 2011


It's probably no surprise to any of you that I have an obsession with knitting. Sometimes I'm so obsessed, I'm possessed! I saw this pattern while browsing around Ravelry on Friday. Well, I'd seen it before and thought it looked nice...but when I saw it on Friday something snapped in my brain. I bought the pattern, grabbed yarn from the stash and started knitting. I knit most of the day on Friday (my day off, and I also catch up on my shows on Fridays). Then a little on Saturday night...it was family movie night which meant pizza and The Green Hornet...more knit time. Then I finished it Sunday night watching the finale of Survivor: Redemption Island. My hands were hurting on Saturday from my feverish knitting, but I couldn't stop! So I popped a few Advil and kept at it. Believe me, no one in my knit group will be surprised at the speed in which I knit this...they'll probably ask, "What took you so long to finish?"

The pattern is called Charlize by Vanessa Smith. It's very well written, includes both written instructions and charts (which I prefer). I knit mine with Pagewood Farms Denali (sock yarn) in the colorway called Woodsy.

Charlize has beautiful drape...just hugs the shoulders perfectly.

I'd cast on another again in a heartbeat. Don't pass up on this one!


  1. Wow...you are a knitting machine...your Charlize is beautiful...and i love the color of your yarn...i'm now adding this to my queued...