Sunday, May 15, 2011

Garden Tales

Can you believe this oak was a volunteer? Our neighbor has a huge live oak tree and a little sprout (ok...a million sprouts) come up yearly in our yard. A couple years ago Mike planted one in the other corner of the back yard. Amazing how big it's grown in such a short time.
Justine's tree, his name is Andrew. He seems to really like that corner of the yarn, by Justine's fort. She just loves to watch him grow...she puts flowers from the garden in his branches and also decorates him with her wooden jewelry.

The garden is growing! We've got tomatoes, green beans, peppers and crook neck squash. Nothing is ready for pickin' yet, but we're watching and waiting. Hopefully, Gracie won't eat the tomatoes before we get a chance to pick them. Or any other critter for that matter.

Pickin' weeds and fertilizing. Gracie is supervising.

Squash growin'!!

The weather has cooled a bit here after a big storm blew through here yesterday. This next week should be beautiful! Good running weather, too.

How are things in your neck of the woods?

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