Friday, May 20, 2011


HELP! It's happening again! You know, this obsession/possession problem I have with knitting. I just bought another pattern by Vanessa Smith called Sarai. I have some yarn in my stash perfect for this project...Malabrigo Sock in a deep olive-y with a few other dark colors thrown in (colorway called alcaucil, if that helps). I'm gonna wind it up today and get! No way can I knit this beauty in a weekend, not this weekend at least. I have alot going on, thank God, otherwise my hands might fall off.

Here's a picture of the shawl. The solid parts will really show off the beautiful colors of the Mal Sock. I'm hooked on this designer!! Her patterns are extremely well written, charts are beautiful, too. Love the way they drape on the bod, too! This shawl has choices for different borders. Woohoo!!
Pretty huh? Gotta go get by swift and ball winder and get going!! HELP!

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