Friday, November 19, 2010

What's Happening

This week has been very busy. I didn't even post my Wednesday dinner! Yikes! We're getting everything ready for MaryLou and Al (in-laws) to visit. The house is kinda torn apart for the carpets to finish drying. I get a bit frazzled when my little world isn't in order, but I'm coping. Today I cleaned the fridge and pantry. The BIG CLEAN will happen this weekend. Now, I know if my MIL, MaryLou reads this, she'll say, "Oh, don't go to all that trouble." I love her. It's because I do that I clean for her! Oh, and Al, too. haha
Here's the latest on the computer: Mike got us a new version of Windows xp and now we're back on the old computer. Good thing, the temporary one was attacked by a virus...pretty nasty stuff. Um, not nasty-nasty, just extremely invasive. Anyway, we're still waiting for him put the old files back on the computer, but that may take a while. Hey, it's been since July, so I know how to be patient.

Here's a goofy pic of me with the beret I knit for Charlotte's mom who is going through chemo. A head with no hair needs a soft hat, don't you think? Here's the pattern if you're interested...another wonderful freebie on Ravelry. Thanks for the photo, Jen!!
I just finished another one, for me, of course. It's blocking but if you want to see the pattern go here. It's red! I used "Vintage" from Berocco...a wool/acrylic blend. Very soft.

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