Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving to you! I miss my California family, but I'm so grateful to have Mike's folks here to celebrate with us. Hi to everyone at mom's house today...we miss you guys so much!!

Are you going shopping on Black Friday? If you are, please be careful! Drink plenty of coffee so you're wide awake for those bargains you couldn't live without at 3am in the morning. Yeah, did you see that...Kohl's is opening up at 3am! Good grief!

I'm not shopping on Black Friday...not sure what we're doing. We're probably start on our Christmas decorating. The kids have a football game that night, a play-0ff game. We probably won't go because it's supposed to rain. The weather is supposed to cool off, too. Highs going down to the 60s and lows into the 30s...oh good! Bring on the wool!!

Have a fun, safe holiday!

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