Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sabado Gigante!

Saturday was great!
Veronica and Joey had their last band competition of the year, Championships in Tampa. They made 5th place in their class in prelims (drumline got 2nd) which qualified them for finals! They were so excited about just making it to finals that they were totally unprepared for the rush of joy when the band placed FIRST in their class and 5th over all in the State of Florida!!!!!!! They can't stop talking about it. They had a great season.

Now they're looking forward to Winter Drumline aka VELOCITY!!

Mike, Jen and I did the McKenzie RUN. There were over 2,000 participants. I couldn't believe the amount of people! It was difficult to run; I usually enjoy the scenery when I'm out for a run, but this crazy race...I spent the whole time dodging people (mostly walkers). My finish time was just over 35 minutes, which was great for me. I ran almost the entire time, which was also good for me. Mike had a great time, and got just over 30 minutes!!

Here we are before the race!

Um, it must be the camera or lighting, cuz I swear, my legs aren't that white!

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