Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Race Times

Here is my time for the triathlon I did on Sunday. Not much of an improvement from last year. The swim really didn't improve at all. I swallowed so much water that breathing during the run was difficult. Today is Tuesday and I'm finally able to take a deep breath without any tightness in my chest. I've been swimming since Spring, but I just can't seem to relax enough to get a good swim in during a race. My breathing is so rapid, adrenalin rushing, etc. I can't get my face in the water to swim freestyle. Panic, anxiety...it's tough on the nerves and no fun. So I made a decision to switch to Duathlons instead of Triathlons and forgo the swim portion. I love to swim laps in the pool, so I'll continue this for cross training. But no more race swimming. I'm hoping Jen and I can find race venues with both race options. I'm doing all the exercise to get in shape and have fun. Sunday's race would have been alot more fun for me if I didn't have to swim. Anyway...I digress.

Here are my times:
Overall: 1:43:56 (last year: 1:46:22)
Swim: 15:51 (15:42)
Bike: 47:19 (48:55)
Run: 36:29 (34:35)

No big improvement, but I did it! I realize it's a big accomplishment to even enter and finish, so I'm not complaining. You're probably shaking your head thinking you could never do this kind of race; that's exactly what I used to think. I'm capable of more than I thought. You probably are too.

Pep talk over.
Go enjoy your day!
And don't forget to VOTE!!

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