Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday:  You've been kidnapped. Make a list of 10 characters from TV you'd want to help you.

In no particular order, mine are:

1.  Jessica Jones of Marvel: Jessica Jones.  She'll be able to find me and rescue me...AND kick my captor's ass around the block six times.

2.  Fox Mulder and Dana Scully of X-Files.  They are FBI and so this would fall under their jurisdiction.

3.  Steve McGarrett from the new Hawaii Five-O.  He'll have to remove his shirt first.  Maybe we'll escape in an awesome car chase, too.

4.  Sherlock Holmes.  The BBC one called Sherlock or the CBS one called Elementary...but they both better bring along their respective Dr. Watson.

5.  Lennie Briscoe of Law and Order.  I'm sure after arresting the perps, he'd have a snappy comeback to make me smile.

6.  Les Stroud of Survivorman.  Because no matter where he finds me, we can escape and survive. (Not really a TV character, just a character on TV.)

7.  Nick Burkhardt from Grimm.  If my kidnappers are wesen, he'll know.

8.  Carol Peletier of The Walking Dead.  Why?  Come on!  CAROL!

9.  Nick Stokes from CSI.  He would be sure to gather all evidence (while looking so cute) to insure the captors go away for a long, long time.

10.  Detective Harvey Bullock from Gotham.  He's Jim Gordon's partner.  With Jim's help, the would find me, rescue me...then Harvey would take me to a bar before taking me home.  Hey, I could use a drink...I was just kidnapped!

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