Friday, February 5, 2016

a Birthday and a Weekend Coming Up

I have this beauty for sale in the shop.
It's called Teri's Idea because it was Teri who said, " should dye pink and black together!"  So I did.

A fun weekend coming up!
Saturday morning I have knitting, as usual, then it's back home to bake Joey's favorite cake for his birthday.  That's right this kid:
turns 20 tomorrow.

Still trying to wrap my head around having two kids in their 20s.

He and Mike are headed to the car show in Baltimore for the day.  

Saturday night is Justine's All County Band concert, so we'll probably have Joey's b-day dinner on Sunday.  He works Friday to closing and Sunday all day...sometimes it's hard to fit things in with his schedule.

I'm sure we'll watch the Super Bowl on Sunday.  We usually do. Mike really hates the Broncos because he loves the Chargers and they're in the same division...but I think we both would like to see Peyton Manning go out with a bang by winning the Super Bowl.  I usually am more interested in the commercials and half-time.  I've seen quite a few of the commercials already thanks to the Today Show.  

I'll probably dye yarn today.  Mike has my car so I'm stuck at home...which I totally LOVE!!  Anyway, got lots of new dye and yarn to dye so why the heck not?!  Or knitting and old movies.  I've got a few recorded.  Auntie Mame I think.  Yeah!

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