Monday, February 29, 2016

Adventure in Easton

I went to a bead show weekend before last with a friend.  First time for me...and a bit overwhelming.  But, true to form, I had a list of what I was looking for and pretty much stuck to it.  I thought I'd make some fun stitch markers for my customers, me and my friends.  A little frustrating to work that darn wrap at first but it got easier with time.

Yesterday Mike and I went on a little adventure.  We drove over the Bay Bridge to Easton.  We usually drive over the bridge, past Easton and on to St. Michael's to Frivolous Fibers yarn shop.  The shop has moved to Easton so we went to check it out.  My friend, Dolly was just there and after her report, I had to see it for myself.  And Mike and I have never walked around or seen much of Easton, so why not!

The yarn shop was nice.  Very, very small and at the back of another shop with local artist's art (very cool!).  The shop owner was super friendly (as usual), so it was nice to see her and look around.  I was wearing my Starshower Cowl and she Oooo'd and Ahhh'd so nicely.  I love it when they notice.  I got a skein of Zen Yarn...merino, silk and cashmere.  Really soft.  

And we explored a bit and had lunch.
The court house, right across from the pub where we had lunch.  It was closed, of course, but the gate was open so we wondered in.  It had huge amazing trees and a lovely garden.

The view from the court house, across the street.  The historic area is very cute...lots of old buildings and artsy shops.  

 We had a nice lunch at the Washington Street Pub.  Good beer, good crab cakes, awesome service and so cute inside!!

Mike with his SDSU gear on awaiting his beer.

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