Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ten on Tuesday

Happy Groundhog Day! 

With that in mind, Ten on Tuesday topic:  
10 Moments/Events/Days in Your Life You'd Like to Repeat

1.  I'd love to repeat my first Sprint Triathlon.  It was so fun and empowering! I sucked at the swim (always did), then cut my toe on a cypress knee before exiting the water but that didn't dampen my spirits...I swear I had a stupid grin on my face the whole race.  I remember when I stared the run, I was numb from my knees down (wet legs/feet before biking and then cold wind while biking will do that).  It took a good half mile to defrost. I was so thrilled crossing that finish line! My sister was the first person to call me afterwards and I answered the phone, "Triathlete speaking..."  Great day!

2.  My wedding day.  Ok, yes the ceremony and party after was fun...but the day of was so relaxing.  We got married at 7pm so we had the day to play.  We got married in Vegas, in a small ceremony with a few friends and family.  I spent most of the day pool side, totally relaxed having fun with my sister and friends while Mike went golfing.  No stress at all.  

3.  The day when 3 year old Joey came running in the kitchen telling me, "Army you scotty dogs!!"  Me:  What? (stop washing the dishes, dry off and get face to face so I can really hear him) Joey: Army you scotty dogs! Me: Army? I'm not sure what you're saying.  Joey:  You know, pirate talk! (A'vast, ye scurvy dogs!)

4.  Veronica was maybe 7 months old, sitting in her high chair, probably having lunch and she and I got the "giggles" for the first time.  Laughing together till we had tears rolling down.

5.  Tuesday night knit class with my mom would be fun to do again.  We would sometimes get a bite to eat, then off to class.  It was so fun to learn stuff along side my mom. The teachers were awesome and really helped establish a fearless love of knitting for me. It was the beginning of a new adventure for us.  I still love talking knit with her. 

6.  We have had many, many great camping trips with family and friends.  So many great, repeatable days for me are camping related.  One particular trip, we were with our good friends, the Holmes' family.  I came out of the camper and there sat a maybe 9 year old Miki.  So I say, "Ohayou Gozaimasu!" (Miki was in Japanese school at the time and I had recently just learned to say good morning in Japanese...but not by Miki.)  She gets this surprised look on her face and says, "Mrs. Pirie! You speak Japanese?!" We both had a good laugh.  That was a great start to that day.

7.  I would love to go back and have a day with my kids when they were little, not babies but little, you know, when they didn't think I was the stupidist person on the planet (haha). I really enjoyed my time with them when they were small (I do now too but it's different) and would do any of those days over in a heart beat.

8.  I used to go to my Nana's house and sit and chat with her for hours.  She'd talk about her life when she was growing up, living on a farm in Texas.  I'd take one of those days again. 

9.  I'd love to repeat on outing with friends I don't see because of the distance between us.  Coffee with my friend Becky or a trip to the Hotel Del with Elsie or an evening with the Close Knit Friends or knitting with JaxKnits or ....  That's the problem when you move a lot...you leave friends peppered all over the country. 

10.  Mike and I did a lot of camping before we had kids.  I'd take one of those days again.  Like when we were in the redwoods and a mother and baby dear walked through our camp or when the bear came in the middle of the night and tried to raid our cooler or even primitive camping in the desert (and shooting rockets...that's not a metaphor, model rockets I'm talking about).  

And in case you haven't heard, no shadow this morning so that means an early Spring.  I wonder if there will be any more snow? (sorry, was that my outside voice?)

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