Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wordfull Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday...not me, I've got something to say today.

I learned many, many years ago, like when I was a kid and wanted pom-poms for my roller skates (it was all the rage then), how to make a decent pom-pom.  The trick is to make sure you wind up enough yarn.  Nothing more pitiful than a flimsy, loosy-goosy pom-pom. BUT my pom-poms require a lot of trimming. I usually find something laying around that is about the size of the pom-pom I want to create and wrap my yarn around that...tie if off...the trim the heck out of it (over a trash can cuz it makes a mess)...and viola! a pom-pom.

Like this:

So my friend, Dolly, has made the most adorable hats for her grand kids.  All with an awesome pom-pom on top.  She asked for my help in making one, then remembered she had a pom-pom maker somewhere in her craft stuff.  It's made my Clover and can be found in JoAnn's or probably Michael's, too.

She brought it last night and walked me through how to use it...then today I watched a video on Youtube on how to use it. So much less trimming to do...and it makes a nice, thick, dense pom-pom! Ok...I need one.  NEED.  ONE. 

 Here's what it looks like:

I love gadgets.  This one would make a great stocking stuffer.  

(I better send this post to Santa.)

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  1. Wow! I want a pompom maker! Im ready to make hats now! I will look for them.