Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Cold and The Cookies

Veronica arrived on Friday! Yeah!! I love having the whole family under one roof.  When I got to bed at night, it's the last thing I think about...I know where everyone is; with me.  That won't last, so I'm enjoying it while I can.

So it's cold here, colder than Gainesville (that's for sure!).  I knit the most cozy infinity scarf with Malabrigo Rasta.  It's a single ply, super bulky yarn...almost like a roving yarn.  Anyway, super simple scarf, I cast on about 80ish stitches in the round and worked seed stitch till I thought I had enough yarn to cast off.  When working the bind off, I ran out of yarn about 10 stitches short...no problem!  I recently learned the Russian Bind Off (thank you Athena!) and so I worked those last few in that manner and Viola!  DONE!  I haven't had a chance to even wear it when That Young College Lady finds it and confiscates it.  I'm teasing...God knows I don't need another scarf.  I gladly gave it to her. She tripled it then wrapped it around her head to stay warm.  In the house.

Even Gracie is needing a little extra layer to stay warm.  In the house.

Maybe I should turn up the heat a bit but it's so nice to see everyone wanting to wear my knitted stuff.  KIDDING!  I'll go turn it up.

Last night we decorated Christmas Cookies!!  Veronica made them.  I tell you it's so nice when I can supervise kitchen activities from the comfort of my knitting nest (while knitting, of course).  So we usually do half plain for decorating and half with colored sugar sprinkles (Mike's favorite).
Here she is in action...
Watch out Betty!  (as in Betty Crocker)

Ready, set...GO!

I posted this on Instagram and so far no one has noticed the poor gingerbread man with the torn off, bloody leg courtesy of Justine.  You think maybe we watch too much Walking Dead?

And some gifts arrived from our family in San Diego!  Thanks Lisa, Mike and John!  Uncle Mike couldn't wait to get into the chocolate, John...so he did!  I'm sure he's on Santa's naughty list. (I didn't complain since he shared it with me.)

I hope you're as excited about Christmas as we are!!

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