Monday, December 8, 2014

Happy Monday!

Has it really been a week since I've blogged?  Well, I have a good excuse...I've been sick with some crud Veronica brought home for Thanksgiving. I have it, Mike has it and Justine is getting over it.  Anyway, so that's that.  I am feeling better (still coughing) and back among the living.

I have been knitting.  I have some Christmas stuff to get done, yeah, like in presents.  Some are being mailed to California so I REALLY need to get knitting.  Actually, I should be ok, the big stuff I've already finished and the remainder is small projects like hats.  I can usually knit a hat in a day or two. I'm also making a topsy-turvy snowman/Christmas tree thing...hopefully I will finish it soon and post pictures. Topsy-turvy, you ask?  You know, it looks like something, then you turn it inside-out and it's something else. Topsy-turvy!

I did some Small Business Saturday shopping.  One for Christmas and one for yarn. You're shocked?!  I got a skein for a hat (gift) and a skein of sock yarn for me!  It's a super bright, multi-colored...color called Bollywood! I hope it arrives today. Really, considering all the crazy yarn sales going on, I did pretty good.

Mike has my car today so I'm stuck at home.  Stuck sounds like I'm not happy about it but truth is, I am.  I love being "stuck" at home. I have some cleaning to do, some blocking to do, planning to do...hey, Christmas is around the corner!  I still have tons of shopping to do, too.  And wrapping....and baking....and...and...and...

And some knitting to do, too.  Those Christmas gifts aren't going to knit themselves!!!

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