Thursday, December 11, 2014

Throwback Thursday...saying goodbye

My grandmother passed away this week.

She is my dad's mom. I only met her a few times in my life so we weren't that close.  I was much closer to my mom's mom. We always called her Grandmother Bruner...kind of formal name for a grandma but they lived far away and my dad doesn't like his family so unless we absolutely had to, we didn't communicate with them much.  But my memories of her are all good.  She was a great cook and no one ever went hungry in her presence! She was a wonderful gardener and took pride in her lovely southern landscape.  We went to visit her a few years ago, Mike, the kids and I, while she was still pretty healthy and living by herself in Alabama.  She cooked for us...breakfast, dinner (what you know as lunch) and supper (dinner...and way too big a meal if you've had "dinner" a few hours before)! I've never been so full.  She gave me a few of her cast iron pans which we use everyday.  Seriously, one is a hoe cake pan and it's perfect for grilled cheese sandwiches.  She dug up a few crape myrtle trees for us to plant at our home in Florida...all are still alive and thriving today (not because I have any sort of green-thumb but it rains a lot in Florida and those type of trees grow like weeds there). I'm glad she got to meet our kids.  She lived to almost 100...a long life.  

Grandmother Bruner

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