Thursday, June 5, 2014

#tbt...Brennee Style

Throwback Thursday...all me!
Yes, as it does every year, my birthday rolls around this weekend...again. I thought I'd show some photos of me through the years.  

This is my first grade photo in my Bluebird uniform (like Brownies in Girl Scouts but Campfire Girls...which is so much better than Girl Scouts). hair really was blond!

I think I was in fifth or sixth grade in this photo.  I had braces and good vision. My mom used to cut my hair...and she's not a hairdresser. I had that darn "pixie" hair cut for years! 

I remember Mr. Kozlowski (math teacher in 8th grade) told me, "Tell you mom you need glasses, you're squinting at the board." And what lovely glasses! This isn't my first pair.  The first pair made me look exactly like Mrs. Beasley from Family Affair.  Remember the doll the Buffy carried around.  Really!  And that hair! Good gracious!!  I used to force those curls down in an attempt to look like a normal teenager. And yes, that's a macrame necklace with my name spelled out in beads.  I was so cool.

In high school, I finally got a "real" haircut at a salon.  I remember the gal said to me, "Gee, your hair grows so uneven." I didn't tell her my mom had been cutting it all my life.  haha  So I started to embrace my curly head...and I got contacts. 

Here I am with short hair and my new sports car!  This car was so fun! See my vanity plates?  My friend Brian gave them to me.  He and my dad were the only ones who called me Brennee.  I use it as my Ravatar now.  And yes, that's a Bart Simpson t-shirt I'm wearing.  Don't probably had something just as bad in the late 80's.

This was taken on Lake Powell on a houseboat!  Mike and I with family and friends spent a week on a houseboat scooting up and down on beautiful Lake Powell.  
And I was pregnant with Veronica at the time.

Barb and my mom arrive from San Diego today to spend the weekend with us...and watch Joey graduate from high school.  

Hope your weekend is a blast too!

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